• Total Kaos

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    -Formed: 5/3/2005
    -Members: Kevin Kaos, Skyy (Skyyler Phoenix), Paul Clement, Q Kaos, Freakin Flax, and Katie Dube
    -Manager: Ivanna
    -Theme Song:
    "Another Boredom Movement" -Project 86
    -Finisher: ?

    As an Annihilation Team Captain, Kevin Kaos created the original Total Kaos when he drafted Skyyler Phoenix, Paul Clement, and his brother Q Kaos (eventually replaced by Freakin Flax). Kevin disbanded the team, leading to the former members carrying on for a while as "The Total Kaos Rejects", but Kevin brought his team back at Lord of the Ring 2006 with the return of his brother Q Kaos. The team gained Katie Dube when Ivanna quit the team, introducing "The Female Phenomenon" as a parting gift. Q Kaos has since retired to run the family business, Varick's, leaving Kevin & Katie to resume the team with great success. As it stands, the name "Total Kaos" shares its name with the greatest teams in WAW history. Both Kevin and Katie are wonderfully gifted athletes and stun audiences with their prowess in the ring with Katie being the greatest female WAW performer of all time, and even without the consideration of her being a woman, she'd still be up there with the best. Regardless which iteration of Total Kaos you look at, they're all great assemblies of fantastic talent.