• Robert James

  • Bio

    -Height: 5'11"
    -Weight: 215 lbs
    -Debut: 8/28/2010
    -Nicknames: "Archie"
    -Hometown: Boston, MA
    -Theme Song:
    "Modern Class Hero" -Freddy Fog

    Robert James first appeared in WAW as a visitor of his brother at Apocalypse 2010, but it turned out his brother had invited him with a purpose as he wanted Robert to witness first hand what Michael was planning to do to his fiancé, Delilah. Thought to just be visiting WAW for the night, Robert became embroiled in the center of controversy when his brother accused him of an affair. Despite remaining firm of his innocence, Robert James finally opted to accept the challenge of his brother to a fight and signed a contract to become a member of the WAW roster, solely to meet his brother one on one at Hell Bound 2010.

  • Accomplishments