• Payback

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    -Formed: 7/12/2003
    -Members: Dirty Dealer, Joey Staplez, The Jersey Devil, Iceman, and Sin
    -Theme Song:
    "Right Here Right Now" -Ice Cube
    -Finisher: Ghetto Drop

    Dirty Dealer and Jersey declared themselves "Payback" August 2nd, 2003, and were on a mission to end Iceman's career without him knowing it. Payback succeeded in screwing over the supreme Iceman at Apocalypse 2003, but continued using the Payback name, regardless. On November 29th, Payback got one stronger again, when they added an unlikely member to the team in "The War Machine" Sin. This wrestler/manager team actually goes back as far as Lord of The Ring 2003. With Jersey being an arrogant weasel, and Dirty Dealer being a low-down dirty outlaw, Payback won't always beat you in the ring, but in the end, they will get payback.

    The original Payback was one of WAW's most legendary teams, consisting of Dirty Dealer, The Jersey Devil, & Iceman. Of course, the team and its name were all a joke on Iceman, but after Dirty Dealer began managing Joey Staplez in early 2006, Staplez's career went straight up, earning Staplez Annihilation Team Captain status. Staplez & Dealer drafted a team made up of newly introduced Danja Rus, Rob Marsh, & Kyle Knight to reform a new Payback, which they led to victory earning Staplez his first championship, The Annihilation Title. While the team has largely disbanded, Staplez & Dealer are still collectively known as Payback and registered as a team in case they need to go to work on tag-team competition.