• Kings of Violence

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    -Formed: 5/19/2012
    -Members: Gino Diomedes, and Rocko
    -Manager: Trixie Hayden
    -Theme Song:
    "Royal Brutality" -Freddy Fog
    -Finisher: Headstone/Pumpkin Crusher Combo

    In the wake of the members of 3 Kings deciding to go their own ways after Legacy 2012, Gino Diomedes and Rocko shed their suited images in favor of their violent images. With their suits being ripped and thrown to the ground, their violent sides were once again unleashed on WAW. With a tack back in the hands of Gino Diomedes and a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat in the hands of Rocko, anyone who steps in the way of these two violent individuals is sure to leave with a few holes in their body courtesy of tasks and missing skin courtesy of barbed wire. In the summer of 2012, they added a manager to the fold when Trixie Hayden shocked everyone by turning on her thought-to-be friends, dropping her family name, and aligning with the Kings of Violence.