• Eric Thorn

  • Bio

    -Height: 5'10"
    -Weight: 250 lbs
    -Debut: 11/10/2012
    -Nicknames: "The Egotistical Architect"
    -Hometown: Lowell, MA
    -Theme Song:
    "Hero" -Skillet
    -Finisher: Bed of Thorns

    Born and raised in the City of Lowell,(The 4th largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), it was no easy task to rise to the top and be noticed but some how Eric Thorn did just that. His egotistical ways and and "all about me" attitude brought him to the very top of every thing he did. Sometimes it would take longer then he would like but he always had a plan in place and another for backup. He's a man never without a plan and never makes a move without reason. You may not know what "The Egotistical Architect" has planned but trust him when he says hes "already three steps ahead of you."

  • Accomplishments