• Buds 'n Suds

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    -Formed: 1/19/2008
    -Members: Troy Garbo, and Smokie
    -Manager: Delilah Hayden
    -Theme Song:
    "Good Ol' Boy" -Sam X
    -Finisher: ??

    Buds & Suds consists of a drunk by the name of Troy Garbo, a stoner by the name of Smokie, and a party raver by the name of Delilah Hayden. Previously, the team was just the two polar opposites of rowdy & loud (Garbo) and laid back & relaxed (Smokie). Upon returning together as a team in September of 2008, Smokie returned from Amsterdam with a new girlfriend in Delilah Hayden. The team now consists of three different ends of the spectrum but results in one long consistant party of the three of them. While they're always ready to party and have fun, the trio of Buds & Suds are quickly becoming a force in the team division of WAW along with featuring one of the more popular females on the WAW roster.