• Annihilation Champions (and teammates)

    2017 - Freight Train
    (w/ Karnage, Thomas Andrews, Richie Mack)
    2016 - Draven Filth
    (w/ Pyro, Delilah Hayden, Derrick Conway, Shane White the 2nd)
    2015 - Kevin Gyles
    (w/ Michael James, Delilah Hayden, Cain, Thomas Andrews)
    2014 - MKK
    (w/ Derrick Conway, Eric Thorn, Bianca Wild, Riddlez)
    2013 - Johnny Psycho
    (w/ Eric Thorn, Wolf, Chris Shady, Hawk)
    2012 - JT Lambo
    (w/ Michael James, Stitches, Bianca Wild)
    2011 - Michael James
    (w/ Dirty Dealer, Andres Reyes, Chris Shady, Bianca Wild)
    2010 - Troy Garbo
    (w/ Smokie, Delilah Hayden, Skyyler Phoenix)
    2009 - Christian Sain
    (w/ JT Lambo, Captain Vincent Zarrello, Puma, Riley)
    2008 - Rocko
    (w/ Kevin Kaos, Karnage, Riley Coyote, Troy Garbo)
    2007 - Christian Sain
    (w/ Todd Sople, Paul Clement, Saige Zarrello)
    2006 - Joey Staplez
    (w/ Danja Rus, Rob Marsh, Kyle Knight)
    2005 - Christian Sain
    (w/ Rocko, The Jersey Devil, Mr. Psycho)
    2004 - Sin
    (w/ Rocko, Grave Digger, Toxic)
    2003 - F-O
    (w/ Rocko, Sick, The Pervert)
    2002 - Sin
    (w/ Q, Scott Reed)

  • Rules

    The Annihilation Championship is contested in an Elimination Team match, with between three and five members on each team (with both teams having the same numbers to start.) The match continues until all the members of one team are eliminated. The Captain of that team recieves a title opportunity at Apocolypse for the WAW Championship, and each other participant of that team recieves a "floating title shot."