• 2014 Match Results

    Flax vs Karnage
    Result: Karnage wins
    Method: Submission
    Finish: Texas Clover Leaf

    Dog Collar Match
    Morgan Kennedy Kilmarnock vs Delilah Hayden
    Result: KO
    Method: Submission
    Finish: Gory Special

    Hellbound Championship Match
    Mad Hatter vs Giggles vs Riddlez vs Crispin Coles vs Grimm Eliminations:
    1. Riddlez
    2+3. Both Klowns of Misfortune at the same time bs Grimm
    4. Grimm by Crispin Coles
    Result: Crispin Coles wins

    Pure Championship Match
    Michael James (c) vs Pyro
    Result: Michael James wins
    Method: Pinfall
    Finish: 187

    WAW Team Championship
    Tonado Tag Match
    Helter Skelter (c) [Evil E & Bianca Wild]
    Kings of Asylum [Rocko & Kevin Gyles]
    Result: Helter Skelter wins
    Method: Pinfall
    Finish: See You Next Tuesday

    WAW Championship
    Troy Garbo (c) vs Steve E. Stamos vs Andres Reyes
    Result: Troy Garbo wins
    Method: Pinfall
    Finish: Elbow Drop to Reyes

    Records for this year to come.