• 2012 Match Results

    4 Team Elimination Match
    Morgan Kennedy Kilmarnock & Inque Blott
    Nachos Bell Grande & Ecuador
    The Merrick Family [Reaper & Scythe]
    Eliminations: 1. The Merrick Family by Steve-O-Lution
    2. International Spot by Steve-O-Lution
    3. MKK & Inque Blott by Steve-O-Lution
    Result: Steve-O-Lution wins

    No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere
    Hawk vs Riddlez
    Result: Hawk wins
    Method: Pinfall
    Finish: DTK DDT

    Hellbound Championship
    Buck DeRais vs Falcon vs Bianca Wild vs Chris Shady
    1. Bianca Wild by Chris Shady
    2. Buck DeRais by Falcon
    3. Chris Shady by Falcon
    Result: Falcon wins
    Finish: Nosedive through a table

    Pure Wrestling Championship
    Submission Elimination Match
    Delilah Hayden (c) vs Derrick Conway vs Freakin Flax vs Evil E
    Eliminations: 1. Evil E by Flax
    2. Freakin Flax by Derrick Conway
    3. Derrick Conway by Delilah Hayden
    Result: Delilah Hayden wins
    Finish: Fujiwara Armbar

    WAW Team Championship
    Cemetary Treats Match
    Kings of Violence (c) [Gino Diomedes & Rocko] vs
    The Franchise Players [Puma & Andres Reyes]
    Result: Kings of Violence win Method: Count Out

    WAW Championship
    TLC Infinity Match
    Pyro (c) vs Stitches vs Johnny Psycho vs Michael James
    Result: Pyro wins
    Method: Pinfall

    Rest of the records for this year to come.